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Why Preventive Health Checkup?

It is an established fact that the biggest killer diseases like heart ailments, cancer, stroke and diabetes can by far be prevented, if and when, diagnosed early in their stages. Thankfully, this can be achieved by going for simple screening tests and preventive health checkups on a regular basis. Unwelcomed medical emergencies are difficult to deal with and can cost heavily in a foreign land. So, it is better to keep a tab on your health's status by regular screening and avoid any such unpleasant surprises.

  • As Indians, we are prone to heart diseases, diabetes and certain cancers. A preventive health checkup will ring the bell early, if there is any inkling of such debilitating condition.
  • Healthcare is expensive in gulf countries. Getting similar tests over there will cost a fortune.
  • Taking care of your parent's and family's health needs is your responsibility and should be on priority. With our gifting options, you can buy a checkup sitting there and can make your parents and other family members take it in India conveniently.

Diabetes - Overview

Just like a phone needs battery to work, your body too requires glucose to keep running. Diabetes is a disease that affects the way body uses glucose (sugar), its main source of energy. Here's how it should ideally work, You eat food. On digestion, glucose from the food gets into your bloodstream. Your pancreas makes a hormone called insulin. Insulin helps the glucose get into the body's cells so that your body gets the energy it needs. But if someone has diabetes, the body either

  • Cannot make insulin
  • Insulin doesn't work in the body as it should

Hence, glucose does not enter cells normally and the blood-sugar level goes up!

High sugar in blood can make people sick if they do not manage or take treatment for it.

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder and people need to detect it as early as possible because high sugar levels due to diabetes can cause a lot of harm to the body and several vital organs.

Blood Sugar Values

Normal Blood Sugar - 70-110 Fasting, less than 140 after 2 hours of eating

Pre-Diabetic Blood Sugar - 100-125 Fasting, 140-200 after 2 hours of eating

Diabetic’s Blood Sugar - over 125 Fasting, 200 or above after 2 hours of eating

Myth: Eating too much sugar will cause diabetes.

Truth: Wrong! For a normal person eating too much of sugar will not cause diabetes but people who already have diabetes should not eat sugar.

But yes, having a lot of sugar is not recommended for everyone as it is high calorie and will lead to weight gain.

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